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By: Cafe Mosaico Ecuador

About Us

We are a private organization created by cafe Mosaico, which aids shelters and other organizations in Ecuador, which rescue and foster animals in need.

 Since our creation in 2014,  Mican Project has rescued, neutered, and found homes for hundreds of abandoned dogs and cats in Ecuador.

Our Mission

We create projects to aid abandoned animals on the streets of Quito. Donations are used for neutering, food, transportation and medical care. The funds are raised through projects carried out with the support of sponsors who make various donations through our website.



Adoptions are managed through the shelters we support. If you are interested in adopting or fostering a dog or a cat, contact us at 


Dr. Wilmer Conde


Dr. Wilmer Conde, a compassionate veterinarian, has been an integral part of the Mican Project since its inception in 2014. His unwavering commitment to animal welfare is evident through his tireless efforts in providing medical care to numerous rescued animals. Dr. Conde’s expertise and empathy have saved multiple lives, and his dedication extends not only to the Mican Project’s rescues but also to the dogs under the care of Cafe Mosaico. His profound love for animals, coupled with his exceptional veterinary skills, showcases his unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being and health of these rescued creatures, making him a cornerstone of the project’s success and a beacon of hope for the animals he serves.

Diana Godoy

Co-Founder of Mican Project

Diana, a co-founder of the Mican Project, stands as a driving force behind its operations, showcasing unparalleled dedication in coordinating and managing the initiative since its inception. Her pivotal role involves orchestrating the rescue efforts and ensuring that every dog receives essential medical attention and necessary neutering procedures. Her meticulous organizational skills and unwavering commitment to the cause have streamlined the rescue process, allowing for efficient and timely interventions. Moreover, Diana’s responsibility extends to the management of the Mican Project Sanctuary, a haven for rescued animals, which currently provides care and shelter for 18 dogs.  

Dr. Marifer Armas


Dr. Marifer Armas, a graduate of Universidad San Francisco in Quito, is a compassionate veterinarian deeply involved in collaborating with Cafe Mosaico to raise awareness about the prevailing dog situation. His dedication lies in shedding light on the challenges faced by dogs, emphasizing their welfare, and promoting responsible pet ownership. Through strategic collaborations and advocacy efforts with Cafe Mosaico, Dr. Armas strives to educate the community, encouraging proactive measures to address issues related to abandoned or mistreated dogs in the region. His commitment underscores the importance of compassion and support for the well-being of these animals within the local community.

Alex Karras

Co-Founder of Mican Project &
Owner of Cafe Mosaico

Alex Karras, the Founder of Mican Project and Owner of our primary sponsor Cafe Mosaico Ecuador, is a dedicated individual committed to generating funds for the Mican Project. He strategically devises projects aimed at fundraising while simultaneously acting as a spokesperson. Through his advocacy, Alex raises awareness about the plight of abandoned dogs in Quito, emphasizing ways in which people can contribute and make a difference. His passion and efforts serve as a beacon, inspiring others to actively participate in the cause and extend a helping hand to the canine community in need.

Meet Our Ambassadors

You can meet our Ambassadors at cafe Mosaico in Quito, main sponsor of our project

and where everything began!

Meet Neo, Moira, Luna and Husky, all rescues of our project.

Mican Project

How Can You Support

Your Support is crucial to keep Mican Project Alive. 


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What We Do

Neuter and Vaccinate

The generous funding we receive from our donors and sponsors primarily goes towards an essential cause: providing extensive support for neutering procedures for dogs housed in shelters. This crucial financial support allows us to carry out as many neutering operations as possible, aiding in controlling the population of dogs in shelters. Through these efforts, we aim to contribute significantly to the well-being and management of these sheltered dogs, ensuring their health and potentially improving their chances of finding loving forever homes.



We’re excited to extend our fostering program to passionate volunteers willing to open their hearts and homes to dogs in need. This initiative allows individuals to play a vital role in our mission by providing temporary care for dogs until they find their forever homes. By joining our fostering program, volunteers can offer these dogs a nurturing environment, love, and attention for a specified period. This crucial support not only helps us in caring for more dogs but also provides a valuable opportunity for these furry companions to experience a home setting, enhancing their socialization and readiness for adoption.

Adoption Awareness

At the heart of our mission lies a dedicated commitment to promoting adoption and raising awareness about the plight of homeless dogs. Through targeted campaigns, community engagement, and vibrant events, we strive to spotlight the joy and fulfillment that comes with adopting a rescued dog. By sharing compelling stories and success tales of adopted dogs finding loving homes, we aim to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding shelter animals. Our efforts extend beyond mere advocacy; we actively collaborate with local communities, schools, and social media platforms to foster a culture of compassion and responsible pet ownership. 

Mican Project


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